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Hamster cage Spree [Cap 20 pieces only!]

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on September 24, 2008 by flyboi85

Dear All,

Below are the available designs and models of hamster cages which we have available. All cages are brand-new. Happy Shopping!

1st hamster cage

Hamster Cage Blue
Hamster Cage Cool Blue

Dimensions: 36cm X 18cm X 24cm

  • This cute hamster cage offers lightweight and compact mobility to the owner
  • Comes with carrying handle making carrying easy
  • Comes complete with feeding bowl, clear drinking bottle and plastic wheel
  • Also possesses adaptor holes at the side of the cage so that you may choose to purchase add-ons or bathrooms for your little critters if you wish.
  • Cost: SGD $30 SGD $24


2nd Hamster Cage

Dimensions: 40cm X 26cm X 40cm

  • Double-storyed cage with easy to carry handle.
  • Comfortable hideout for the little critters with attached bathroom for cute hamsters to bathe and roll in.
  • Plastic Transparent wheel and plastic water bottle included together with this
  • Bright sporty colours make for great enjoyment when looking at your cute little hamsters.
  • Comes also with adaptor holes at the side of the cage in case you decide to purchase extensions or additional accessories at a later time for your hamsters.
  • Cost : SGD $50 SGD $39


3rd Hamster Cage

Dimensions: 40cm X 26cm X 53cm

  • Comes in sporty orange colour which brightens up your little critter’s day.
  • 3-storeys of fun for your hamsters with plastic tunnel tubes linking to individual tiers
  • Comes also with 2 plastic wheels, attached bathroom, and clear drinking bottle at the top.
  • Also sports a carrying handle for ease of moving and carrying.
  • Side of the cages also comes with universal size adaptor holes which enables you to buy custom extensions or accessories for your hamsters at a later time as well
  • Cost: SGD$69 SGD $55


All cages come with boxes and easy-to- understand instructions.

For more enquiries, do contact :

Edwin                                                 Grace
93656166                    OR                97231234               

Thank you and Have a nice day!